Forum rules: New Members please read

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Forum rules: New Members please read

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:42 am

Once you join the forum please read the forum rules. After reading, post a message saying "read" or
"I have read the rules" before you make any other posting to the board. If you do not, anything you post
on the board will be deleted until you do. For those who skim through without really reading them and break
the forum rules; you will be asked to re-read them and banned for the day. Three warning for breaking the rules,
and you will be banned permanently.

We are all here to gain information from one another. No bashing, name calling or making fun of other members.
For those who have difficulty spelling, please do not correct them or point out their mistakes. We are not here to
be spell checkers. If you are not sure what it is they are saying consult an admin and we will get clarification from
the poster. If you are experiencing bullying, or are being bashed by other members, please report it to the admin A.S.A.P.
Because some of our members may be teens, let's keep foul language to a minimum, use *'s instead of spelling out the full
spelling if you need to vent with foul words. Never offer advice to someone that you would not offer to yourself.
Treat members and admins the way you would want to be treated. Above all enjoy the forum and have fun.

The purpose of this group is to be a support group where people can share their stories and experiences
or maybe give tips to one another about what has helped them. Hypothyroidism treatment is in many cases not just
a question of meds, but also a healthy way of living, following a right type of diet etc. However, strict medical
advice should ALWAYS be given by a doctor and not on the internet by people who aren't doctors and who have never met you.
So always go and see a doctor if you don't feel okay or if you feel like you need more information and help from a professional.
This group is in no way responsible for any advice given - everyone is liable for themselves.

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